Visual Basic 6 - The Complete Reference. Noel Jerke

Visual Basic 6 - The Complete Reference

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Visual Basic 6 - The Complete Reference Noel Jerke
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

Where error after clicking a listbox link 2-4 times: "Run-Time error '-2 (fffffffe)'". The solution to my problem was changing some registry settings, which is not changed by just changing the reference from ieframe.dll to shdocvw.dll in vb6. This comprehensive reference quickly puts every built-in function and statement at your fingertips. Webopedia explains what the phrase 250 GB means in reference to data storage Read More ». Edraw office viewer component is an easy and reliable solution for the developers to Embed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in a application. This Visual Basic 6 tutorial is a complete guide of learning the VB programming language. Embed Excel Component in VB 6 Form Click Project and then click References. When you use the by reference method, changes made to parameters' values in a sub procedure are known when control returns back to the calling procedure. SDKs and References | Office, Develop, Customize, Extend | MSDN Find a list of software development kits and references that can be used to customize, extend, and build Office 2010 and Office 2007 solutions. I am not sure what you reffer to when you say "Allow scripting of the WebBrowser Control". I created a DLL registered for COM interop, run regasm and pretty much everything else I found on the net, and I ended up with "myClass.dll" and "myClass.tlb". I figured out the way to solve the complete breakdown of library of controls but I also started geting this weird error. About Visual Basic Wishing Bug-free Code to Everyone! Find solutions for top issues, common problems or get support from a professional. This page describes the term Visual Basic and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

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